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Looking for an online psychiatrist?

I am an online psychiatrist taking care of patients all over the world. If you are insured via AFSHA my services are in network.

Most of my clients come to me for talk therapy. I can prescribe meds if you are based inside the EU. 

I focus on EMDR (trauma) therapy, psychiatric evaluations, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, work-life balance and relationship issues. 

And my main focus is to create a positive experience for you.

Dr. Michiel Bosman

Psychiatrist & Executive Coach

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Reach Your Full Potential.

It is my mission to help you reach your full potential in life through happiness and success.

Positive Psychology
Mental Health Expert
I work according to the most current evidence-based, multidisciplinary professional guidelines to make sure you get state-of-the-art treatment.
All the research evidence in the world is useless if you do not feel you are benefiting from it. That is why your goals and needs are central in our work together.
Dr Michiel Bosman is a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Board Certified Executive Coach. He has spent most of his life in the Netherlands, and now lives in the Caribbean.
I have specialized in online mental health services, and I have found that they can be even better than traditional therapy appointments. Our Zoom sessions are in fact virtual home visits, which results in a much more intimate form of therapy.
Also, if you travel often, live abroad, have a busy lifestyle, or value your privacy, online mental health services may be much more practical than office visits.
After our introductory call, I will do an assessment in which I will ask you about your personal and professional life, goals, physical and mental health development plans and wishes. You will get to know yourself better and gain valuable information about how to improve your success in your career and personal life. 
By learning more about yourself through the treatment process, and by applying what you learn, you'll have a unique chance to develop more fulfilling relationships and career.
Dr. Michiel Bosman
Consultant Psychiatrist & Executive Coach